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Power Skating Camps

Improve your skating skills with our power skating camps

At our Power Skating School, we specialize in teaching progressive power skating and promoting proper technique for every level of skater. Whether you’re looking to join power skating classes in South Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc, or Millet, our programs are designed to help you improve your skills and performance on the ice.

Our experienced coaches provide tailored training sessions that focus on enhancing skating speed, agility, and endurance. From beginner skaters to advanced athletes, our power skating camps and classes offer comprehensive training to help you achieve your goals.

Join us for our hockey camps in Edmonton and Leduc, or sign up for our power skating camps to experience top-notch coaching and skill development. Moreover, with our emphasis on proper technique and progressive training, you’ll see significant improvements in your skating abilities.

Explore our summer hockey camps in Edmonton or our affordable hockey camps in Beaumont. Additionally, discover the benefits of professional power skating training. Our top-rated power skating coaches are dedicated to helping you succeed, whether you’re preparing for competitive hockey or simply looking to improve your skating skills.

Enroll in our programs today and take the first step towards becoming a more confident and skilled skater.

Improve your game with targeted training


Our specialized camps at Pivot Power Skating are crafted to provide focused and intensive training for skaters and hockey players looking to excel. Whether you’re aiming to refine your defensive skills, enhance your skating speed, or master explosive movements, our diverse camp offerings in South Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc, and Millet are designed to meet your specific development needs and help you achieve your goals on the ice.

Join our Edmonton power skating camps to experience top-notch training and coaching. Our Leduc hockey camps focus on improving your defensive skills and game strategies, while our power skating training programs in Beaumont and Millet help you enhance your speed and agility. With our expert coaches and tailored training sessions, you’ll see significant improvements in your hockey skills and overall performance.

Enroll in our specialized camps today and take the first step towards achieving your skating and hockey goals.

Explosive Power

Fast Feet
Leg Strength
Powerful Momentum


Wider, Stronger
Faster Skating
Momentum SPEED
High Tempo SPEED

Agility Edgework

Transitional Speed
Quick Directional Changes
Shooting techniques

High Performance

Advanced techniques
Strength conditioning
Mental preparation


Defensive skills & strategies
Puck handling

Quality Coaching

Shannon’s philosophy is built on the belief that optimal skill development is achieved through active learning and hands-on experience. She employs a ‘learn by doing’ methodology, providing quick, precise verbal instructions followed by immediate practice and real-time corrections. This approach accelerates skill acquisition and enhances skaters’ ability to execute advanced techniques effectively. By focusing on active participation and immediate feedback, Shannon ensures that each skater progresses efficiently and gains the confidence needed to perform at their best.

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